Read These When You Want to Go Deeper Than the ‘What Do I Want’ Question

You’re asking yourself ‘what do I really want?’. You are at the point where the answers such as ‘I want a new car, a new job, a nice relationship, someone to love, a holiday, a new kitchen, lost 5lbs by New Year’ aren’t doing it for you any more.

You want deeper questions.

Okay. Here you go. Confusion and uncertainty is quite normal. You are very welcome. You can download them all as a pdf at the bottom.

There’s these three…

who am I?

why am I here?

what is my purpose?

And then these…

what experience do you want?

what can you create today?

what games do you no longer want to play in your life?

where are you using your power and potential to limit yourself?

what rules have you made for your life that need broken?

where have you given up or given over your power?

what does it look and feel like when you have control over your own life?

what gifts do you not need to convince yourself you have?

what talents are you hiding from yourself and the world?

what’s a better way than this way?

what day will you reclaim your personal power?

where is joy and happiness located for you?

what screwed up thoughts need to be let go?

what silly games do you keep setting up for yourself?

what game plan are you working that is not good enough for you anymore?

what will it take to get back to your true potential?

what truth do you need to admit to teach you who you really are?

when do you talk about what is real for you?

where are you fooling yourself?

where have you deceived yourself most?

when have you loved yourself the most?

what have you gained when you have spoken your truth?

how many questions have you skipped?

what are you not listening to but hearing?

how do you want to know yourself?

what are you going to choose from you from this moment forward?

what have you stopped practicing even though it’s good for you?

where do you get your excitement from in your life (except relationships)?

where are you performing the act of wandering, why?

when did you last make any kind of transformation?

what are you ordering for your life just by your thoughts?

what are you going through today that you set up and don’t want?

what are you creating that you don’t want?

what best lessons in life do you need to remind yourself you own?

where have run from uncomfortable but you know you need to stand there for a time?

when you have felt disorientation and confusion because you were scared?

when you see other ways do you take them?

what are you setting up for tomorrow?

what truth are you teaching yourself that’s not true?

where are you pretending you are limited?

where are you throwing your personal power back into the past?

where are not feeling what you truthfully feel?

what needs more feeling?

where do you think you are different and separate?

where do you need to change what you’re looking for?

what would you like to do or see different?

what do you really really want, how are you asking?

What Do You Really Want

Want the questions?

Your wish is granted.

Download the questions above as a pdf file, just point that little mouse over the image on the right and then right-click, then save. Boom.



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