On Doing for Others But Not for Yourself

On Doing for Others But Not for Yourself 2

Some of the nicest, kindest, compassionate, empathic and loving people I know are also the meanest. Where they can do for others, they struggle to be for themselves. When they see others suffer they offer words that extend compassion, kindness, and love: you are … [Read more...]

How Do You Know You’re Not Aligned to Your Core Values?

How Do You Know You Aren't Aligned to Your Core Values

You ask, 'How do I know when I'm not living my core values?' I say, 'Do you mean you don't know which way you're heading in your life? You're lost? You have no idea what you want? Lack a guide or plan? You're fed up making decisions and choices based on sheer frustration and … [Read more...]

What is Self-Efficacy?

What is Self Efficacy

In short, Self-efficacy is your own belief and judgement in your ability to succeed in a specific situation. It's not really about your skills and what you know, it's about your appraisal of your ability in using those skills. Its your belief in yourself: how you think, behave … [Read more...]

For When You Say It’s Not Ready Yet …

maybe you don't have to push yourself forward

Have you ever said, 'Its 95% ready!', usually referring to the CV, the website being built, the thing being created, the new idea to be launched into the world for others to see? Is [insert thing of the 95%], Genuinely not ready? Ready, but you're scared? A 95% grade … [Read more...]

Choosing Kindness, Love & Compassion. Let’s Practice.


Remember this old warning? "People that love themselves are arrogant, conceited, big-headed, narcissistic, and don't care about anyone else except themselves." Most of us learned early in life that loving yourself was the same as being in love with yourself.  But loving … [Read more...]