Monday Morning Pep Talks: The What I Really Need to Feel Whole and Alive List…

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Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you! Dr Suess

(Don’t you dare roll your eyeballs! If ‘whole and alive’ is too woowoo and touchy-feely for you. Rename it: ‘Things I Must Have In Order to Stay Healthy’. Do what works for you.)


Ahhhhh! Good, huh?

Get a pen, paper, give yourself 10 minutes (go on I dare you!), grab a cuppa or a double brandy, whatever you decide.

I asked on Twitter ‘What do you need to do to stay healthy?

Replies came in: sleep, follow purpose, wine, space, time to think, exercise, read, other people, a good laugh, nice simple, easy things.

We’re going to write a list. 10 things. No big hardship. And you’re going to pin it to a wall and let them happen over the next month.

What do you really need to feel whole, healthy and alive?

What are the things that you know are good for you, you know make you feel healthier, happier and hotty (okay, maybe not the last one), but you don’t do enough of them.

The simple things.

The things that only you would know.

The things that if something happened to you, you would want people to know them so they could keep them up, ’cause they make you feel (clap your hands) h.a.p.p.y and in the flow.

Write them out.

In detail. Nobody is marking them. Nobody is judging them.

Get them out. You might get to three and think that’s it. Wrong. Ten. Ten. Ten.

Start them all ‘I feel alive when…’

Declare them, say them outloud (when nobody is listening of course.) Shouting ‘I feel alive when…’ 10x may get you a few stares.

Post them to a wall, a door, a fridge, your lover, dog, cat: anywhere you will see them on regular basis.

Complete all ten in the next month, and if you are able to, do the same next month.

Notice how simple they are. Are they wild and outrageous? Probably not. I bet they are small things that you know are good for you but you forget there importance, I’d take a guess that they are vital to your health, physical and emotional wellbeing, but have been put aside because you spend a lot of time forgetting about you.

Who? You! Me? Yes you!

Self care peeps.





Because you matter.

You do.

Your health matters. Your emotional well-being matters. You matter to other people. How can you expect to create a wildly passionate hot to trot it life, career or little biz if you aren’t looking after yourself.

It’s not selfish. Selfish is saying ‘I’m more important than you’, not ‘I’m important too’.

Get it? Go. List. 10 Things.

In the comments below complete: I feel alive when I ________. To stay healthy I have to__________.


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