On Sharing Our Stories

On Sharing Our Stories1

Every now and again on Facebook there is a new round of some tag and share thing. Last year it was throw a bucket of ice on yourself. And the most recent I've noticed is, '7 Things You Don't Know About Me'. How it works, the first person posts their list of seven unknown facts … [Read more...]

You And I Are Connected, Do You Feel It?

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You've probably never wondered this, but we're the same you and I. Sure, we probably won't agree on everything. I have no doubt we'll misunderstand each other at times. We definitely won't like the same foods (tofu anyone?). You'll have your daily routines that could - if I … [Read more...]

The Overwhelm Spillage (& Clean Up)

The Overwhelm Spillage

Can we have a chat about overwhelm? It's a cautionary tale. I think it's like an oil slick, let's start there ... When an oil spill happens at sea you're shown the picture of an upside down stranded tanker, poisonous liquid floating around it for miles and miles. Then … [Read more...]

Event: Firewalk 8th March Edinburgh, Coming?

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“When passions are ignited in the heart, the whole body responds to its stimulus” - Ikechukwu Izuakor Nicely said Ike, nicely said. The first frewalk of 2015 is coming up. And it's an open ticket fundraising firewalk. You choose the charity and cause, I take care of … [Read more...]

Unfolding 2015 Is Ready for You

You can start it anytime of the year.

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But don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone for others. Unfold your own myth. - Rumi It's here, Unfolding 2015 is ready to download, use, scribble on, reflect upon and process the learning from your year just gone, then to consider the possibilities, new … [Read more...]