Live Life On Default

Life On Default

I'm proposing a life on default. Come with me for a minute, Have you ever had to press the reset on your mobile phone? Searched for a pin to stick in the little button at the back of your modem to take it back to the factory settings? Or has your computer experienced the screen of death? Have you had to reboot everything, take it back to default settings, carry out a system restore and remove all the programs that you've ever ... Read More >>>

To Change, The Journey Is Never Outside Yourself

To Change the Journey Is never Outside Yourself

If you had been at JFK Airport, late October 1995, boarding a plane to London, you may remember a couple of young woman crying because they didn't want to get on the flight home. Visas were up, flight was boarding, no pennies, but they seriously discussed their (limited) options. However, they knew deep down they were going to have to step on board and make do with free gin available on the 5 hour flight home. Gosh, I got so drunk that ... Read More >>>

Life, It’s Not Really Complicated

Life Is Not Complicated

I'm sure you'll be able to remember a time as a child when you didn't understand the rules of the game and played anyway. Perhaps you can remember the long school-free summer days (away from the prying adults with the permission slips), and along with your besties you made up games from scratch, including the rules, played it for 8 hours straight, and then the next day a completely new game, with new rules was introduced. You didn't stop to ... Read More >>>

Thinking Makes It So

The Optimist Sees the Donut

Here's a few things that aren't real and don't exist, Horrible weather Bad days Hump Day Monday Blues Bad hair days (I type reluctantly) Weird dress sense Good news Bad news I know, how dare I suggest there is no such thing as bad news, or good news? Shakespeare wrote, "Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so." Spot on Mr S. While you and I have probably said, 'Feck, what a bad day I've had', I'd bet my bra, that ... Read More >>>

You Get What You Think About

Words Create Pictures

When you think about your future, what picture do you see? Do you have hope, faith and belief that no matter what you have to face, go through, experience you will always be able to handle it? Or do you see it as hopeless, with dread, and that things will never change for you? How do you cope with adversity? How well do you go through the ups and downs of the human experience? How do you handle life challenges and pitfalls? Because it's all ... Read More >>>

It’s Never Too Late (But One Day It Will Be)

Never Too Late to Be What You Might Have Been

You've heard that saying 'it's never too late to be what you might have been', yes? (I like to add at the end, 'but don't leave it a moment longer'). It's a goody. But it's not the truth. It's one of those quotes that give us the illusion that we shall have enough physical time to get all the stuff (stuff = everything) we want to do actually done: to allow ourselves to get focused and paying attention to all those dreams, goals, desires ... Read More >>>

Do What You Love Interview: Meet Victoria Cunningham-Downey, Pilates and Yoga Teacher

Victoria Cunningham Downey Pilates and Yoga Instructor

Next up in the Do What You Love Interviews is Victoria Cunningham-Downey, entrepreneur and owner at StretchBodyMind (based in Glasgow), Yoga and Pilates Trainer & Teacher, Business Mentor 'helping people in healthy careers to live healthy lives and full time themselves' and a full time student. The reason I asked Victoria for an interview was because of her the path: many taken but all leading her back to her first love of Yoga. If ... Read More >>>

Live In the Questions

Live In The Questions

We identify with our cherished beliefs - we may not like to admit it but -  the world we see creates our point of view. Moment by moment you're constantly seeing and taking in proof and validation that your world view is the correct (or you'll fill in what you want to see) way of looking. What we see depends mainly on what we look for.  ― John Lubbock But I'm open-minded! I say that too, until someone or something comes along and ... Read More >>>

Do What You Love to Do Interview: From Corporate World to IVF Coach, Meet Becks Hopkins

Beck Hopkins IVF Coach Australia

Next Up on the Do What You Love to Do Interviews is Beck Hopkins. Becks is a personal coach based in Melbourne, Australia, she coaches women and men going through IVF and beyond to offer support and strategies in untangling the emotional knots that come along creating a family in non-traditional ways.  Becks do what you love story is one that many can relate to - escaping corporate world, spending years trying out lots of different things, and ... Read More >>>

Goodbye, Friend.

love waitsonwelcome

"A goodbye is never painful unless you're never going to say hello again" March the 14th, I kissed my friend, thanked her, said goodbye and walked out of intensive care for the last time. Her death has been described as tragic, a terrible accident, a irreplaceable loss and my least favourite, 'just one of those things'. I do know, Writing this post doesn't change anything. The outcome remains the same. I do know, Her story has been ... Read More >>>

I Forgot to Tell You About My Queue Buddy (& How You Always Have a Choice)

You Always Have a Choice

It's 1 pm, the day before Christmas Eve and I'm standing a queue in my local supermarket. To get to the end of it I've had to trail up the freezer aisles, wind round the bread and pitch up beside the chicken being roasted, the smell alone is enough to make me want to throw up, it's a vegetarian thing. 30 trolleys are in front me with their temporary owners caring for their precision load, and they are complaining, huffing, tutting at how ... Read More >>>