Goodbye, Friend.

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"A goodbye is never painful unless you're never going to say hello again" March the 14th, I kissed my friend, thanked her, said goodbye and walked out of intensive care for the last time. Her death has been described as tragic, a terrible accident, a irreplaceable loss and my least favourite, 'just one of those things'. I do know, Writing this post doesn't change anything. The outcome remains the same. I do know, Her story has been ... Read More >>>

I Forgot to Tell You About My Queue Buddy (& How You Always Have a Choice)

You Always Have a Choice

It's 1 pm, the day before Christmas Eve and I'm standing a queue in my local supermarket. To get to the end of it I've had to trail up the freezer aisles, wind round the bread and pitch up beside the chicken being roasted, the smell alone is enough to make me want to throw up, it's a vegetarian thing. 30 trolleys are in front me with their temporary owners caring for their precision load, and they are complaining, huffing, tutting at how ... Read More >>>

Word of the Year or Action of the Year? (& Why I’m Voting for Action)

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Do you have word of the year?  One word to act like a touchstone.  You can have a quick check-in with yourself to make sure you're be-ing what you agreed with yourself. I'm proposing we take this word of the year thing up a notch and into Action of the Year. Here's why, You've probably heard these: Actions speak louder than words.  People may doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do. Show me. Don't tell me.  A ... Read More >>>

Something to Remember When You Find Yourself Looking & Comparing Yourself to Others…

Be Yourself

Have you heard of a man called Cliff Young? No? Gather round. It was a dark and stormy, no, no.  Once upon a time there was a man called Cliff Young. He was born in 1922 in Australia. He grew up on his parents sheep farm and the best way to herd the sheep, according to Cliff, was after them by foot. He gave up sheep (the farming of them that is) in his adult years and became a potato farmer instead. But him ... Read More >>>

It’s Okay to Have a Change of Heart

Sometimes good things fall apart so

If something can change, it was never permanent to start with. You can disagree now with what you defended then. You can make other decisions now, that weren't in the plans then. You can do whatever you like now, even if hadn't crossed your mind and heart back then. Values, beliefs, plans, ideas all made with the very best intentions can change in a heart beat. You may have started down a path back then, convinced you were heading the ... Read More >>>

Unfolding 2014 (A Little Gift)


“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day.”  ― Edith Lovejoy Pierce Cor blimey. Edith nailed it. Okay, I hate resolutions. But I do love a new diary. Yup. Pages are blank. Lovely to fill up. I actually have three diaries because by the time I reach March I've used the pages from July - Dec as scrap paper, which ... Read More >>>

Do What You Love to Do Interview Jackie Speight

Jackie Speight Virtual Assistant VirtualAssistant Uk

The next Do What You Love to Do Interview: allow me to introduce you to Jackie Speight.  A 49 year-old mum of 2 (aged 10 and 8), wife of 1 (as long as he behaves himself!) and the director of Angel Virtual Assistant Ltd (her 3rd ‘baby’). She's lived in the seaside resort of Blackpool for 11 years, but was born and bred on the Wirral, just across the River Mersey from Liverpool. What is she known for? She works with small businesses ... Read More >>>

100 Days to Done Update: Sweet New Beginnings, Sharing Some Love + Streamers

Zen Gypsies

This is some of the stuff that can what happen when you have a crazy idea, act on it, don't worry about the how and end up inviting people to a thing called 100 Days to Done. I'll write more later about the whole 100 Days, so far for me the learning and experience has been priceless, and we still have 43 days left to go! In the meantime it's always a good thing to share the happiness, joy and work of others. This is the first ... Read More >>>

That Feeling Lost + Wondering If You’ll Ever Find You Again Thing & A Wee Workbook

Feeling Lost How to Find Yourself Questions

You’ve got a name, location and the roles you play but then everything else is on a trip without you. Feeling lost can make us feel like ships lost at sea with no navigation tools to get us safely back to shore. What's the cause of feeling lost? Oh, I don't know, who knows! It could be one of a million of reasons, unique to you. It’s a real common phrase though at Living Moxie, ‘I just feel so lost’, that one and, ‘I don’t know who the ... Read More >>>

There is No Challenge In a Day You Cannot Walk Through…


There will never be two days the same for you. Ever. That alone may bring a sigh of relief or one of frustration. Some days will be so easy as they present unexpected wonderful surprises. Other days will present unexpected challenges that you are required to overcome before you move forward and get done. Some days you will be in the flow, swimming with the current: on these days you will experience joy, bliss, flow, momentum and other days you ... Read More >>>

Do What You Love to Do Interview: Kelli Wise

Kelli Wise Web Designer Pint Sized Sites

The next Do What You Love to Do Interview is the lovely Kelli Wise. Kelli and I (I cannot lie) are 'online friends', we first met on a course in 2011, connected via cat-stories, the rest is her-story.  I asked (read: pretty much made her) to come in because of her extreme (in some eyes) career history: from Engineer to Massage Therapist to Web Designer. I know they may not seem related,  but Kelli is a really good example of how to transfer ... Read More >>>